Don't Be Fooled by Lies about Palestine

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# dannykid 2013-01-09 18:31
"Arabs (20% of the population) own more private land in Israel than Jews"? WHY?? That's outrageous.
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# Eugene Levich 2013-09-16 10:45
Quoting dannykid:
"Arabs (20% of the population) own more private land in Israel than Jews"? WHY?? That's outrageous.

Because among old generation Israelis there are many who are just fifth column. They are disappearing gradually, but live long. It takes time while this ridiculous social strata goes on influencing. Also European countries should disappear at last. It will take anoher 20 years. Only idiots dont understand the reality of the new world we are entering. But there are many of them who cling to the past.
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# Ken MacDougall 2013-08-29 23:29
Looks like the Arabs don't give up anything. Do they?I want you all to get a copy of The Exodus Song (This Land Is Mine) recorded in 1960 by Pat Boone. Went to No 1 in Israel. Time that Israel was allowed to exist in peace. It only took six days to squash opponents the last time and they could do it again. A very talented people they have given the world a lot over generations.The Jews \re God's people.
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# Ziggy Eckardt 2013-08-30 00:37
Dear Sir,
Can you ship the postcards to Canada and how much do you charge for larger quantities?
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# Judith Ross 2013-08-30 01:48
Enough is enough. Gaza is a perfect example of the Palestian mentality. Israel gave it back in exchange for rockets being sent into Israeli territory. There a no other religions in the Arab territory, certainly no Jews, and very few Christians, but in Israel, you can worship as you wish. Israel has done more in 6 years than the Arabs have done in thousands of years. The want to go back to the dark ages. Go and leave Israel alone to develop the world into future generations. No more special treatment for Palestinians or their allies.
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# Jack 2013-08-30 04:31
Where is the first map. after WW1, when the whole of Palestine was supposed to be a Jewish homeland as guaranteed by the League of Nation?

Only the betrayal of Britain, a "protector" but NOT an owner, carved out over 70% and gave it to that Arab Hashemites, kicked out of the Arabian Peninsula by the savage Saudis, and offered the Golan Heights, also part of historical Palestine to the French, to create Syria.

This map is missing and I wonder why??
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# Ruth 2013-08-30 15:16
This organization should lose it's "Charitable Status" as it is participating in political situation and as a "charitable organization", they have broken the rules.
When Israel gave them Palestinians Gaza, there were working green houses there and they could have had a very nice living from them, but being the kind of people they are, they destroyed the green houses and said "POOR palestinians. We have nothing" The only thing they know is to hate Jewsand to try and influence the rest of the world.
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# Joan Holdstock 2013-08-31 02:56
Oathow the sayThethe answer here is to put up posters that depict the true situation. One picture is worth a thousand words.
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The Truth


100% of the green and white areas are under British control.

• 86% of the land is public.
• 14% of the land is private.
(Jews own 33% of this private land, while Arabs own 67%)


100% of the green areas are under Jordanian and Egyptian control.

• Jews and Arabs continue to own private land in Israel (white area)
• Most land in Israel continues to be public.


1967: Israel offers 100% of:
• West Bank to Jordan
• Sinai and Gaza to Egypt
• Golan to Syria

1982: Israel gives up 100% of Sinai to Egypt for peace
1993: Israel gives up land to Palestinian Authority
1994: Israel gives up land to Jordan for peace
2005: Israel gives up 100% of Gaza to Palestinians
2008: Israel offers 95% of West Bank to Palestinians
Today: Arabs own more private land in Israel than Jews.
Most land continues to be public.

Israel Gives Up Land for Peace

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