Israel Education

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write_on_Jewish_teen_prograWrite On For Israel/San Francisco Teen Program

Each year, nearly 80,000 Jewish high school graduates enter college mostly unprepared to deal with the anti-Israel environment on many campuses.  Our goal is to change that:

Write On For Israel/San Francisco is an intensive and exciting 12-month program open to all high school students that includes a highly subsidized 10-day trip to Israel.


BlueStar's College Stay Program

israel-on-campusWant to explore campus life in depth? BlueStar’s College Stay program is a uniquely transformative Israel education program for high school students in which you join other teens and college students for a weekend of fun and activities. Learn from Hillel leaders and students, Israel experts, and people with fascinating stories at a weekend retreat.



BlueStar Fellows

support-israel-programsAnti-Israel activists unfairly justify psychologically intimidating treatment against Jewish students as an appropriate way to show their criticism of the State of Israel.

Many Jewish communal strategies exist to educate students about Israel and advocacy skills.  However, no program combines three areas — fighting anti-Israel vitriol, being an advocate for Israel and dealing with bullying — into a specialized solution. BlueStar Fellows helps Jewish college students overcome anti-Israel campus experiences with their self-esteem and passion for Israel intact.

Write-On-for-Israel-AdultsWrite On for Adults

Whether you’re interested in strengthening our community’s voice against unfair media coverage or simply looking for ways to counter an anti-Israel comment at a cocktail party, Write On for Israel for Adults is for you.  (Quick: How would you respond to a partygoer who tells the group that Israel should never have been created?)

Our goal for the program is to make sure that everyone who cares about Israel’s future can discover their courage, learn advocacy skills and feel empowered by the support of like-minded peers.

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