For Israel Film Festival

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For Israel Film Festival Teen Documentaries

The 5th annual For Israel Film Festival was December 15th, 2013. Thank you to all who attended. DVD's and photos will be available soon.

Each year, millions of high school graduates enter college mostly unprepared to deal with potential anti-Israel challenges from peers and faculty. WOFI's goal is to change that by giving young people a background in Jewish and Israeli history, and teaching them the critical thinking skills and tools necessary for them to become powerful pro-Israel advocates, spokespeople and opinion leaders - before they reach college.

While there are many Israel programs for teens, BlueStar's WOFI/SF program may be unique in its in-depth, year-long educational approach designed to boost knowledge of Israel's history and current challenges while teaching leadership and advocacy skills that encourage students to confidently express their pro-Israel views in public.  BlueStar believes that the most intellectually capable student leaders thrive when offered leadership opportunities for individual initiative, critical thinking and expression.

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Write On For Israel/SF is a collaborative effort between J, the Jewish weekly magazine of the SF Bay Area and BlueStar, a non-profit organization, dedicated to empowering the next generation of Israel advocates and leaders. Write On/SF is made possible thanks to generous funding from the Avi Chai Foundation and dozens of individuals contributions.

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