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Israel Wants Peace and Security

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Would you give rocket-shooting terrorists control of the hills overlooking your main airport?
Israel is one of the smallest countries in the world and in order to make peace with the Palestinians, many people are asking Israel to become much smaller still. If Israel gives the Palestinians the hilly land it won from Jordan more than forty years ago, it may lose the ability to defend itself from violence and rocket attacks. Any hostile force sitting on the hills overlooking Israel would be able to attack Israel’s cities, highways and airport with crude, homeade rockets at will.

Why is Israel concerned?
In 2005, Israel pulled back to the 1967 lines along Gaza in hope of promoting the peace process. But instead of peace, it was hit by thousands of Palestinian rockets during the ensuing years. Israel has proven it will give up land for peace, but can you blame it for not wanting to give up more land to those who may wish to destroy it?

Israel wants peace and security, not more rocket attacks.

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