BlueStar’s mission is to humanize

perceptions about Israel.

Free Israel Posters!

Free Israel Posters!

BlueStar’s mission is to humanize perceptions about Israel. We use visual media to build support for Israel’s case as a Jewish democracy within secure, recognized borders.

Our goal is to inform campus and community conversations on Israel. Please share our posters and videos with your friends.

Does your community need to counter tough, anti-Israel challenges?

Imagine this scenario: A major demonstration against Israel is scheduled in your community. Protestors are expected to claim that Israel is a racist, apartheid state which steals Palestinian land. How will you respond and counter their messaging?

BlueStar offers communications consulting to students and activists who wish to prevail against anti-Semitic challenges and/or anti-Israel demonization. We work one-on-one with you to develop, test, and optimize messaging to build support for Israel among opinion leaders in your community because we know that sometimes off-the-shelf resources can be insufficient to help you reach your goals.

Here’s how BlueStar works:

  1. Listen.

    Every situation, community, and challenge is unique, so we first listen to your assessment of the situation. We work closely with you to flesh out issues, uncover hidden obstacles, and clarify positive goals. After gaining a deep understanding of your objectives and your competitive position, we help you probe potential opportunities to make a difference.

  2. Brainstorm.

    Based on your goals, we develop a portfolio of potential messages designed with your audience in mind. For many people, listening to a lengthy discussion about these terms would be boring at best and confusing at worst. Since most Americans know little about Israel’s detailed history, we work with you to optimize your story and help you develop simple, persuasive analogies to explain complex issues. Because we’ve honed our skills with some of the most successful activists in the world, we have built up a knowledge base of ideas and strategies that may resonate well in your community.

  3. Test.

    Once you and your group have focused on a limited number of potential communication approaches, we work with you to launch focus groups, surveys and informal street polls to quickly test and optimize final messages.

  4. Execute.

    We can create a variety of media for you to use to disseminate your message:

    1. Posters, postcards, fliers, and billboards
    2. Video
    3. Social media
    4. Talking points for one-on-one conversationsAs useful as our material might be, members of your group may benefit at least as much from the development process itself. Most volunteers find it easier to communicate effectively after the BlueStar consulting process is complete.


BlueStar’s perspective:

Israel is not perfect, no country is. There is still much work to be done – and Israelis are actively engaged in dialogue with each other and with the world on many hot-button topics, including religious freedoms, politics, security, human rights policies, the role of law, social issues, the economy and cultural life all within the context of Israel’s case as a Jewish democracy within secure, recognized borders.

Even with all the challenges facing Israel, BlueStar believes that Israel has a compelling record of achievement to share with the world. BlueStar wants to you to connect and engage with Israel’s rich, diverse cultural life and its stable, thriving democracy. Please visit Israel and see for yourself!

Israel is a small country, yet you can see and meet:

– Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze, Bedouins, Samaritans of all religious levels and secular people
– Women serving in the IDF
– Ethiopian Jews
– Jewish immigrants from Egypt, Morocco, Yemen, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Algeria, India, Chine and more
– Middle Eastern and eclectic cuisines from all over the world
– Immigrants who have made aliyah from all over the world
– The Old City of Jerusalem with its important sites for the Jews, Christians and Muslims
– LGBTQ parades and Pride celebrations
– Lone soldiers volunteering from abroad
– Tel Aviv nightlife to holy sites
– Mediterranean Sea, the Dead Sea, the Sea of Galilee, and the Jordan River
– Masada, Roman ruins, Biblical footsteps, and Silicon Wadi
– Scantily clad to very modestly dressed

BlueStar’s most popular messages highlight Israel’s positives, including Israel’s achievements in:

  • Developing democratic institutions
  • Enforcing the rule of law
  • Supporting freedom of the press, speech, and religion
  • Encouraging ethnic diversity
  • Promoting women’s rights and equality
  • Leading on environmental and green energy initiatives
  • Recycling water
  • Creating technological innovation
  • Supporting Jewish culture and the rebirth of the Hebrew language
  • Creating world-class art, music, literature and sport

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