BlueStar’s mission is to humanize

perceptions about Israel.


Hire a BlueStar Speaker Today!

Hire a BlueStar Speaker Today!

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Choose from three timely topics:

1. How to Answer the 10 Toughest Questions About Israel.

Together, we will examine the most challenging arguments used against Israel and discuss potential ways to respond.

Examples of hot-button arguments against Israel include:
– Did Israel Commit Genocide in Gaza?
– Was Israel’s response in the 2014 war with Hamas “disproportionate?”
– Do Palestinian Refugees Have the Right to Return to Israel?
– Should Construction on Jewish Settlements be Frozen?
– Is Israel a Colonialist State?
– Is Israel a Racist, Apartheid State because of its law of return that entitles Jews and their families to become Israeli citizens?

2. How to fight against anti-Israel BDS.
Together, we will study and discuss various counter measures and arguments that have worked to stop BDS actions – and examine why some commonly-used Jewish community arguments may be less effective than in the past. Plus, we will discuss Anti-Israel Bullying and how you can overcome negative personal experiences with your self-esteem and passion for Israel intact. Brainstorm on how you might engage “innocent bystanders” to help your group stand up against more powerful adversaries. What are the six steps to fighting back against BDS bullies?

Download our report on ProgressivesandIsrael here.

3. What does your neighbor really think about Israel?
Let’s hit the streets…Working in groups, you and your peers will conduct an actual public opinion survey on various hot-button topics related to Israel. After we collect the data, we will re-convene and compare findings to discuss key discoveries on local bias and knowledge gaps on Israel.

Our Training Method:

BlueStar’s speakers encourage active participation and debate in a safe environment. Our goal is to you and your community to become thought leaders on Israel.

We encourage participants to work together to learn how to create more positive conversations on Israel. Our goal is to create enough articulate and committed leaders who can transform their local community, so Israel supporters feel comfortable exercising their right to freedom of speech without fear.

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