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Don’t Be Fooled by Lies about Palestine

The Truth
100% of the green and white areas are under British control.
• 86% of the land is public.
• 14% of the land is private.
(Jews own 33% of this private land, while Arabs own 67%)

100% of the green areas are under Jordanian and Egyptian control.
• Jews and Arabs continue to own private land in Israel (white area)
• Most land in Israel continues to be public.

1967: Israel offers 100% of:
• West Bank to Jordan
• Sinai and Gaza to Egypt
• Golan to Syria
1982: Israel gives up 100% of Sinai to Egypt for peace
1993: Israel gives up land to Palestinian Authority
1994: Israel gives up land to Jordan for peace
2005: Israel gives up 100% of Gaza to Palestinians
2008: Israel offers 95% of West Bank to Palestinians
Today: Arabs own more private land in Israel than Jews.
Most land continues to be public.

Israel Gives Up Land for Peace

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